I didn't realize how much I needed to update my online presence until I was in the midst of doing it.  It's one of those issues that's hard to notice. I mean, I'm always uploading new content, and making new stuff...that should be enough, right? I quickly found out the opposite as I was doing hours of housekeeping on my Vimeo page (those guys do not make it easy to hide dozens of videos on your page). Needless to say this was all about 5 years too late.
New Website
My main issue stemmed from my old "website". I put quotes around website because it could hardly be called that.  After 8 years of working on it the most it did was function as a blog that provided links to my numerous other social media platforms.  Even though it was a little janky, I loved it. It was my first legit site and it contained blog posts from my formative years as a professional animator.  I was starting to get a hoarder mentality around the whole thing, and as any artist knows that's not conducive to growth.   So, with the precision of a medieval executioner, I lopped off anything old from my digital self.  It felt good to start fresh, so good that it was hard to stop once I began making changes. Thanks to Behance and this nifty little application called Adobe Portfolio, I've been able to create this very site you're on now.  The good thing is that not all my important work is housed in one location, so now when people visit my site they aren't lead to random other places with no direction.
New Logo​​​​​​​
Oh yea, there's a new logo too.  It's pretty much jus like the old logo, but a little cleaner.  I've been sort of obsessing about "branding" these days, whatever that means.  Essentially I'm just trying to make sure I have loads of different assets that all have the same look and feel, so that I can look like I halfway know what I'm doing online.  My logo, much like my old blog, was something I'd grown very attached to. I knew I didn't want to change the overall look, just tidy it up and make it a little more modern.  Since the website was already using Futura throughout, it only made sense to try and tie that into the logo.  Futura's naturally geometric look was a good fit for the "brand".
New Animation
Last but not least, what would a new animation website be without a new animation?  Recently I was asked to participate in an art show called Odds Are here in Columbus at the Blockfort Gallery.  The show is to feature work from various local animators and creators inspired by the idea of probability.  The special thing about this show is that all the art will be animated .GIFs.  Naturally I was excited to participate.  However, when it came to the subject of probability, I had a lot of different ideas.  The subject was so broad that I found myself overcomplicating and overworking every idea.  Did I mention that these could only by 3-7 seconds?  Basically, this was not only a challenge thematically, but practically as well.  The fun thing about the constraints were that they forced me to really refine my ideas and make sure they were rock solid.  When it was all said and don't I focused my attention on the idea that in my experience, probability usually skews toward the negative.  Sometimes I get so obsessed with the worst things happening that I inflate them to the impossible.  So, for these 3 shorts I explored the idea of something fantastically impossible happening.  This created a lot of fun situations to animate, and I was pretty happy with how everything turned out. If you would like to see Odds Are live, the show will be opening at the Blockfort Gallery on April 5 at 6PM.  Hope to see you there!
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